Entrepreneurship 101 (and Business English)


On Tuesday, March 9, starting at 5 pm, begins a series of workshops titled Entrepreneurship 101 (and Business English).

During the course of nine meetings, we will discuss the importance of entrepreneurship in American society and will address business English as an important communicative tool in business situations.

We will pay particular attention to telephone and conference calls; holding presentations of products and companies; asking questions and expressing opinions in an appropriate manner; the impact of cultural differences on business success; and the importance of small talk in big business.

The program is conceived as an opportunity to learn something new, share your experiences with us, and improve your language skills. All meetings will be held online via the Zoom platform. 

The program is run by our longtime associate Dragana Gak.

Session 1 (March 9, 5pm)
Entrepreneurship in the USA, its roots, importance of entrepreneurship in the American society and the most prominent entrepreneurs (young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs).
How to talk about business (success and failure).

Session 2 (March 16, 5pm)
How entrepreneurship has changed with startups and new company structures.
How the language at work has changed.
What is business English and who uses it?

Session 3 (March 23, 5pm)
Conference calls – new business reality and daily communication challenges.
Language of conference and telephone calls.

Session 4 (March 30, 5pm)
Importance of presenting for a successful entrepreneur.
How to introduce yourself and present the company you work for and products/services your company offers. How to present an app.

Session 5 (April 6, 5 pm)
Politeness in business communication – what does it mean to be polite in the USA and in Serbia?
Differences and communicational problems.
How to sound polite in English.

Session 6 (April 13, 5pm)
Small talk in business – conversations leading to strong business relationships.

Session 7 (April 20, 5pm)
Dealing with problems at work – language for talking about problems and solutions.

Session 8 (April 27, 5pm)
Opinions matter - expressing opinions, asking for opinions, agreeing & disagreeing appropriately in a work-related environment.

Session 9 (May 11, 5pm)
Ask the right questions - asking & answering questions in business

Note: the program is held in English.

Sign up for the program HERE.