On Monday, February 29th Novi Sad audience and professionals in the field of music will have a wonderful possibility to participate in the programs by an American pianist and composer from New York Mr Aryo Wicaksono. Mr. Wicaksono will lead a masterclass at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts, give a talk in the field of music business at the American Corner and give a piano recital at The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection.

All programs will be free of charge.

At the American Corner Novi Sad at 4.00 pm Mr Wicaksono will give a lecture on the topic "Overview of the United States / North American’s Music Business Industry Model".

Applications for the program can be made trough the fallowing link

About the lecture:
This lecture points out significant differences and important features of the US (and Canada) music business industry model. Sharing a wealth of experience as Chamber Music America (CMA) Membership Manager – past tenure as an arts presenter – entrepreneur and performing musician for the past 10 years, Mr Wicaksono will discuss several major entities in the US (classical + jazz + popular music) industry: US government entities such as the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) and the US State Department, various major granting foundations (Doris Duke, Mellon Foundations), artist managers, presenters, individual donor and the U.S endowment model, recording industry, and the educational world ranging from the public pre-college schools to the private Conservatory entities. It’s an overview on how the US music (and finance) ecosystem works and how to thrive in it as an active, engaging, and relevant 21st century musician.