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Opening the exhibition of Zore Mahalik Zare paintings.

Published on 17.05.2014

In the American Corner the exhibition of Zora Mahalik Zara paintings was opened on 16th May at 5:00 p.m. The exhibit was opened by art critic Mile Tasić. The opening ceremony was attended about 50 people. The setting can be seen until 29 May. Zara was born in Subotica. She graduated from the Academy of Economy in Subotica. This was her second independent exhibition at the American Corner in Subotica. She has enrolled to the ART GROUP at the Open University in Subotica, led by Ratka Lugumerski, who influenced Zora’s artistic liberation. She also attended other courses, such as Boros Djerdj’s at Nepker (Medijala in Subotica with the painter Goran Vuletic and other painting sections in Subotica). Previous exhibitions: • Open University Gallery in Subotica, with ART GROUP, led by Ratka Lugumerski • BAŠ KUĆA with ART Group organized by Ratka Lugumerski • Open University Gallery in Subotica, with ART GROUP, fall exhibition • Painting exhibition at the Open University (Nepker group led by Boros Djerdj) • Painting exhibitions in the Souvenir Shop Subotica at the Town Hall (Medijala, painter Goran Vuletic) • Painting exhibition at the Home of Creators in Subotica organized by Terek Istvan • Painting exhibition of the Red Cross Subotica donations at the Open University in Subotica • Jubilee Exhibition of Q Group at the Open University in Subotica as a guest


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