NLP Workshops


If you want to put your talents and skills in the foreground! If you want to share your thoughts and hear how you can improve yourself, these workshops will help you to find a way to raise your confidence, speed up communication, and sharpen the power of observation. Join us to find new opportunities, awaken resources and potentials, and develop creativity, innovation and individuality. These workshops are interactive, and each workshop has a different theme with the same aim to provide the opportunity for personal progress of the participants. Workshops are adapted for teenagers aged 13-19.

1. Convenient communication

2. Happiness as a Choice

3. My wishes and possibilities

4. My skills

5. Certificates and limitations

6. Similarities and differences

7. Expectations

8. Tolerance

9. Confidence and disagreement

10. The impact of a positive thought

The workshops will be held once a week, on Mondays from 6 PM to 8 PMat the premises of the American Corner Subotica. The first workshop will take place on March 12th. See you there!



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