Every year on the third Monday in February the United States celebrate Presidents' Day in honor of former, current and future leaders of the American people. Presidents' Day is also known under the name Washington day because it represents the memory of the birthday of the first US President George Washington (February 22nd, 1732). American Corner Subotica joins the celebration of this US federal holiday with the exhibit titled „Find Your Trump“. Carefully selected verses from the books of Donald Trump give a clear and distinct image of the currently most popular personality both on political and business world stage, and to the visitors of the exhibit will serve as an inspiration, encouragement and advice for achieving success in the personal and business life. Random thoughts of 45th US President will be presented in English and also translated into Serbian and Hungarian language. Through an interactive part of the exhibition visitors will be able to choose the best Tramp’s dictum. The exhibit will be open from 22nd to 28th February 2017 at the American Corner Subotica.



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