American Road Show, Share America and Ted Talks, February 16-18


February is Black History Month, and this week we are exploring the role of Black professional football players in the National Football League and their impact on justice issues for the black community.

Tuesday, February 16 at 6pm Ted Talks (and so do you!) SIGN UP
Prepare for the program by watching NFL Players Speak Out Against Injustice (Black Lives Matter Tribute).

Wednesday, February 17 at 6pm Share America SIGN UP
Prepare for the conversation by reading two articles in which you will find out Why Americans Go Crazy over the Super Bowl and Why Super Bowl 2021 is Different.

Thursday, February 18 at 6pm American Road Show SIGN UP
Prepare for the program by watching three videos:
Titans Players Stand in Unity on Social Injustice Issues
How players are finding their voice to speak out on social justice issues
Purdue Football players speak out about George Floyd and racism