Santa's contest: Hiring new elves!


This year has brought various difficulties to everyone. The pandemic affected people around the world and each of us could feel some of the consequences. But did it ever occur to you that Santa Claus also encountered many problems? In the holiday spirit, we thought of him, and reached out, so he shared his story with us.

Do not worry! All the children can expect gifts (if they behaved well)! Although he was a bit unprepared for the current situation, the closing of the borders did not affect Santa's reindeers and sleigh, so he managed to gather the elves and pack all the presents on time. Even the greatest superheroes, even Santa Claus, sometimes need help, and in order to better prepare for the next season, he told us - HO, HO, HO, SPREAD THE WORD, I'M HIRING NEW ELVES!

The contest will last from December 25 to January 25, and Santa Claus is eagerly waiting for all your suggestions for new elves! What you need to do is contact Santa Claus directly to instruct you in the details and task. Since the postal services are affected, he told us that he opened an email in order to get in touch with all interested helpers as soon as possible - Send him a message, say that you want to participate in the competition, and he will send you detailed instructions!

On this occasion, the American Corner in cooperation with Santa Claus invites you all to participate in the contest and, together, to contribute to a better holiday season next year!

Before you contact him, in order to inspire you a little, we will tell you a little secret. Your task will be to design, draw, make, disguise yourself or in any other way creatively present an elf who would like to join Santa's team at the North Pole! However, we will not say everything, and all those interested in the details should contact him!

The contest is intended for all creative helpers aged 5 to 15!

As a small sign of attention, all participants in the competition will receive a link from Santa Claus to the New Year's play "Reindeers on vacation", considering that we are not able to gather at the moment. But that's not all, Santa gave us another secret, and that is that the most creative participants will receive additional gifts!