An Enchanted Contest


One of the long-standing traditions of the American Corner Novi Sad is the organization of a costume party and creative workshops for children on the occasion of Halloween, which is this year prevented by the current epidemiological situation and security measures.

This year, instead of gathering, WE ARE ANNOUNCING A CREATIVE COMPETITION!


We want to combine art, creativity, popular American holidays and have fun despite the current situation. The goal of the competition is for the children to watch the story read by our volunteer Katarina Stoiljković, and then finish it with a creative drawing, story, video or something similar, whatever inspires them!

Send us your scary ending to, and we will reward the best with interesting prizes! Our dear sponsors Bulevar Books, Toster Bar and Kukiccino provided great prizes for the winners of the competition.

The competition lasts until November 26!

So, all you need to do is:

1) watch the video

2) be creative and finish the story (in form of a drawing, a video, a song, a story ...)

3) send by November 26 to

4) stay tuned!