PolitikUS: Black Lives Matter


On Tuesday, July 21, at 6 PM, a special edition of PolitikUS Debate Club will be held at American Corner Novi Sad.

In recent months, there has been an in-depth public debate in the United States about African-American communities. That debate was followed by demonstrations, which touched upon some very sensitive topics for American society. What is the position of Novi Sad residents of African descent? Are they facing similar challenges as African Americans in the United States? What are their impressions of our country? Do they plan to stay after the complete their studies?

Students from the University of Novi Sad of African ancestry will be guests of PolitikUS and answer these and other questions.

Due to the imposed limit on public gatherings (maximum of 10 people), if you are interested in this program, please apply HERE, and we will inform you if you are chosen to participate on the day of the program. Face masks will be obligatory.