"Get a Job" with Adam Pickvance


On March 10 and 13 at 6pm, American Corner Novi Sad will host a two-day course designed by our long-standing associate Adam Pickvance, titled "Get a Job". The course will consist of two sessions, one dedicated to preparation of an effective CV and cover letter, the other focusing on getting the most out of a job interview.

You can apply for the course HERE. The course is a 2-part series, so participants enroll for both the dates, thereby completing the series. NOTE: Due to its nature, the course is limited to 25 participants.

You can read more details about the course below.


Tuesday 10th March 2020, 6pm to 8pm

Preparing an effective CV and Cover Letter - ensure that your CV and covering letter makes it to the top of the pile and tells an employer what they are actually interested in knowing about you. This session covers topics such as; understanding the employers needs and the process of deciding who to employ, examples of good & bad applications, key features of a good CV, the purpose of a cover letters, good & bad examples and the importance of demonstrated work experience - how to gain and present this.


Friday 13th March 2020, 6pm to 8pm

Job Interview Skills - learn how to present yourself as the person an employer simply must have through being effective in the job interview. This session covers topics such as; preparing for the interview, timing, body language, showing your personality, how to communicate effectively, be ready for the usual questions and what to ask when it's your turn.

This course is conducted in 2 sessions of up to 2 hours. It is open to any age. It is presented in English only. Participants must have intermediate or higher English language conversation and understanding skills.


About the course presenter

Adam Pickvance is from Australia and presents a variety of popular courses at the American Corner. He has many years or practical working knowledge in the areas of recruitment and staff management. Over his business management career, he has reviewed thousands of job applications and conducted countless job interviews. Using his practical experience, Adam will share his insights of the good, the bad and the successful of job applications and job interviews.