Course: “Learn to Love Public Appearance”


Are you a woman who wants to conquer the fear, improve your public appearance and learn to love it? We have a course for you!

On the occasion of International Women's Day, a program will be held on March 9 at 5 pm in the American Corner on the topic of public speaking for women. At this info evening, attendees will have the opportunity to gain a theoretical grounding on strategies for improving public performance, as well as to ask questions and resolve any concerns they have. After that, symbolically, we will select eight ladies for whom two more meetings will be held (March 16 and 19 from 5pm) with a hands-on training session that will include exercises.

Women 18 years and older can apply for the training, regardless of their profession and experience in public speaking. The reason for applying (short letter of motivation in the questionnaire) will be crucial for the selection of participants in the practical part of the program. The training will be held in Serbian. The training will be conducted in Serbian.

During the workshops, the participants will learn the basic rules of public speaking (which must be taken into account before, during and after the performance) and, through practical exercises, refine their presentation and presentation skills.

The training will be dealing with:

- Types of public appearance and preparation

- Verbal and non-verbal communication

- Speech writing

- Creating (PowerPoint) presentations

- Technical exercise of giving a short statement (recording with a camera and watching with feedback) and a presentation exercise

The training will be led by Maja Ciganović, a certified practical skills and strategic planning trainer, who worked as a public appearance trainer at the “Women Leadership Academy” and the “Week of Social-democracy”. She also cooperated with such organizations as “National Democratic Institute” from Washington, DC, “Friedrich Ebert Foundation” from Germany, “Modern Skills Center” from Belgrade and Youth creative center “OKCe” from Novi Sad. Through social activism and as a vice-president of “Vojvodina” women’s basketball club, she communicated with the media, which is why she possesses both theoretical and technical knowledge in public appearance. She turned her love for transferring knowledge related to public appearance into the “Learn to Love Public Appearance” program – advice, ideas and examples of excellent public appearances which are part of this program can be found on the program’s FB page

Applications for this program are performed on THIS LINK.

See you at the Corner!