Readers Corner - Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451


The American Corner Novi Sad, in cooperation with the EUS association, is launching a new program from the end of February - the "Readers Corner". The idea of this program is to gather literature lovers once a month to discuss an American novel or a novelette.

We want to talk in an open and relaxed atmosphere about books themselves and the life/social issues that these literary works discuss. In doing so, we want to promote reading and critical thinking. The moderators of the program are Senka Nenadov, Samuel Petrovski and Gergely Pasztor Kicsi.

The "Readers Corner" will meet for the first time at the American Corner on Friday, February 21, at 6:00 pm, where we will discuss Ray Bradbury's novel "Fahrenheit 451". The title of this classic of American literature alludes to the temperature of paper self-ignition, since in his dystopian world, owning books is literally illegal and the primary duty of firefighters is not to fight fires but to burn books. Bradbury's call against the intellectual and spiritual shallowness of 1953 is still terrifyingly relevant today.