Lecture: Intertwining Histories II


American Corner Novi Sad is inviting you to a lecture which will be the secon in a series of lectures titled “Intertwining Histories”. The lecture is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd, at 6 PM. The lecturer, Vladimir Pavlov, worked as a diplomatic representative of the Republic of Serbia in the USA and Canada. He is currently working on his PhD, the topic of which is diplomatic and political relations between Serbia and the U.S. in the period between two world wars.

Political and diplomatic relations between Serbia and the United States have existed since the second half of the nineteenth century. Given the formation of modern states on the territory of Serbia and the U.S., it can be said that these relations have emerged and progressed in accordance with the then-current international trends and the roles that both countries had, each in its own way.

The series of lectures will cover the parallel course of the history of Serbia and the U.S. from the 15th to the 18th century, followed by the circumstances that got the United States involved in the international politics and the first unofficial contacts with representatives of the Serbian people, then the Serbian principality and the Kingdom of Serbia during the 19th century. Next covered will be establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, followed by the period before and during World War I, the peace conference and relations with the newly established Kingdom of SCS / Yugoslavia until World War II. Understanding the historical relations of any two countries is crucial to the creation of a short and long-term foreign policy of each country.

Everyone is welcome!