Meet the USA (Special Edition): Seismism, volcanism, and tectonics of the USA


American Corner is inviting you on Tuesday, December 10 at 6PM for a special edition of a program Meet the USA tittled: Seismism, volcanism, and tectonics of the United States of America.

It is possible to expand state territory without wars. It is also possible to lose it. You don't have to be a skilled diplomat. Just be the nature.
How does the nature transform the US?

Who's shaking Oklahoma? Why the East coast have Atlas mountain rocks from Morocco? When will Los Angeles be part of Alaska? How will the US lose Hawaii? California tsunami is a myth or a reality? You can google these questions for hours...The second option is to arrive at the American Corner in Novi Sad on December 10 at 6 pm where the most entertaining scientific theories on plate tectonics will be brought to the general public in an understandable way.

The program will be moderated by Professor Dr. Rastislav Stojsavljević

The lecturer is Professor MIlica Radaković, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Science in Novi Sad.