Work and Travel Caffe


We invite all those interested in exchange and internship programs in the US to join us at American Corner on Tuesday, December 10, starting at 6 pm.

Even a journey of ten thousand miles begins with a dream, a desire, an idea, a first step and one coffee.

American Corner, in cooperation with Experience Travel Agency will organize Work and Travel Caffe gathering, with the main goal to get you informed about the basic formal items relevant for student exchange and internship programs, but furthermore allow you to hear the experiences of people who have already gone through the process, in the informal atmosphere.

If you dream of adventures, distant cities, days and nights to remeber, if you want to travel, work and earn money, live with your friends and visit NY, LA, Miami, we have an idea how and we can help you!

Make the first step and come to hear all about student exchange and internship programs.

Work and Travel USA - Spend up to 5 months in the US during your summer break in college
Internship - a 12 to 18 month internship program in the US in the fields of hospitality, gastronomy, and software engineering.

Apply HERE!

Everyone is welcome!