Entrepreneurship 101 - Session 3


On Thursday, October 31, starting at 6pm, the third lecture of "Entrepreneurship 101"  titled ''Business English in Telephone/Skype/Conference Calls' will take place.

During the course of nine meetings, we will discuss the importance of entrepreneurship in the American society and will address business English as an important communicative tool in business situations.

We will pay particular attention to telephone and conference calls; holding presentations of products and companies; asking questions and expressing opinions in an appropriate manner; the impact of cultural differences on business success; and the importance of small talk in big business. The program is conceived as an opportunity to learn something new, share your experiences with us, and improve your language skills. The program is run by our longtime associate Dragana Gak.

Session 3 will deal with the following topics:

· How to prepare for telephone/Skype/conference calls

· Telephone talks from beginning to end: useful expressions and phrasal verbs

· Examples of telephone/Skype/conference calls

· Telephone talk role play