Meet the USA: U.S. doctors in Serbia in WW1


American Corner within its program Meet the USA brings you a story about American doctors in Serbia in the World War I, their humanitarian work and its importance.

The history of Medicine is often linked to the history of warfare, since in
the most difficult situations (such is war) there were breakthroughs in the medical sciences.
Doctors in these situations show their full significance and knowledge, and this is one such story.
How much did the United States mean to Serbia as an ally during The Great War was best demonstrated by doctors who provided their humanitarian aid by rescuing Serbian soldiers and civilians. They built themselves up into one of the foundations of existence of the Serbian state and were part of its modern state
of creation.

Lecture time: Thursday, October 10th 2019. 18h

Program moderator: Dr. Rastislav Stojsavljevic

Lecturer: Dr. med. Aleksandar Kobilarov