Meet the USA: John Kennedy, a Model of Courage


Meet the USA program has been conceived to better acquaint audience in Novi Sad with history and geography of the United States of America. The country “across the pond”, the size of Europe, still hides many secrets from an ordinary person in Serbia. By getting to know the natural wonders of the USA, customs, culture, but also the way of life, we broaden our horizons and contribute to understanding and tolerance. Moderator of the program is Rastislav Stojsavljević

The second lecture, to be held at the American Corner Novi Sad on Tuesday, July 9, at 6 PM, we will travel to the early 1960s and continue the story of the great people in the US history. At the time of inception of hippie movement and rock music in the US, the President of the United States was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The world was in a panic, fearing a nuclear war, the Berlin Wall was being built and the Iron Curtain lowered between the ideological opponents.

The lecture will reveal in what measure President Kennedy saved the world from a nuclear conflict in the midst of the Cuban crisis, we will talk about his ancestry, his childhood, and discuss the measures he initiated as a congressman and senator. His private life was in the focus of the public at that time. We will talk about his relationship with one of the most beautiful women in the world, Marilyn Monroe, as well as about his tragic demise in Dallas, in November of 1963.

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