Planning Your Own Business


Interested in running your own business? Want to be your own boss? 

On Thursday, July 4, at 6 PM, come to American Corner Novi Sad and attend "Planning Your Own Business", a course which offers an introduction to the basics of planning for your own business endeavor.

Key topics will include:

- Your needs and your measures of success.
- Understanding the customer experience.
- Defining your product or service.
- Money - assessing profitability and budgets.
- Logistics and staffing.
- Promotion and advertising.
- Review & adapt

The course, which is conducted over one 2 hour session, will be led by Adam Pickvance, an entrepreneur with many years of experience worldwide (he led companies in Australia, the UK, and other countries). It's open to all ages, particularly those people who are looking to run their own business or are presently running a business and want to review their methods. The course is presented in English, so it is expected that participants have at least intermediate English language skills.

You can apply for this course HERE.