Workshop: "Deep Connection"


On Friday, June 28, at 6 PM, at the American Corner Novi Sad, a workshop will be held, titled "Deep Connection".

In the time of a brutal struggle for survival and rapid social change, when people are meeting online more than in person, it is easy to become alienated not only from the environment but from oneself.

"Deep Connection" is a modul of an already famous program "Awaken Your Inner Hero" – which helps people to become what they really are, in an easy and fun way, to open up and instantly connect with anyone they wish (and whenever they wish). The author of the program is Rade Gutovic, an internet marketer who has managed to transform his life from "desperate to enthusiastic" and now has the desire to help others achieve their goals and visions.

Come, let us hang out and grow together! Apply for the program HERE.