English for waiters Vol. III


On Thursday, June 27th, at 6 PM, the American Corner Novi Sad will organize a class titled “English for Waiters”, where all those who work as waiters can prepare for the upcoming summer season. The class will be led by Mr. Adam Pickvance, an entrepreneur with many years of experience worldwide.

The session will include topics such as:

the meet and greet - how to make a good impression;

basic terms - key dining things and what are things are called in English;

how to help - be patient, listen, work with the customer, be pro-active;

tipping - cultural differences, how to get the most out of tipping;

the bill & paying - different ways English people ask to pay,

expectation of card payments, splitting bills, is the tip included;

what to do if you get stuck - have an English menu, have translate app, ask what they want and match to menu, etc.

The class will last for two hours and it’s open to participants from intermediate level speaking English, preferably those who work or will work as waiters, or in hospitality.

You can sign up for this class HERE

We'll see you at the Corner!