Meet the USA Lecture Series


Woodrow Wilson and the American Diplomacy at the Paris Peace Conference 1919-2019”



Meet the USA program has been conceived to better acquaint audience in Novi Sad with history and geography of the United States of America. The country “across the pond”, the size of Europe, still hides many secrets from an ordinary person in Serbia. By getting to know natural wonders of the USA, customs, culture, but also the way of life, we broaden our horizons and contribute to understanding and tolerance.


The first lecture, to be held on Thursday, June 20, at 6 o’clock, will take us a century back to the first peaceful year in Europe ravaged by war. After four years of bloodshed, the main actors are moving to condemn the culprits and form new borders on the "Old Continent". In Paris in 1919, new forces appeared on the horizon. The United States emerged from the isolationism of Monroe's doctrine and became the main negotiator led by President Woodrow Wilson at the Peace Conference.


We will find out how Wilson’s 14-point plan was received at the peace conference, what was his stance regarding the Balkan states, the details of his friendship with Mihajlo Pupin, how the provisions of the Peace Conference influenced the greatest conflict in the history of humanity, World War II, and what significance they have today.