Exhibition: Oli Poppins - Momčilo and the Fellowship of Meek Characters


On Friday, April 19th at 8 PM, the American Corner Novi Sad is inviting you to attend the exhibition opening of the artwork of Oli Poppins, entitled: "Momčilo and the Fellowship of Meek Characters". The original soundtrack for this exhibition was composed by Lazar Novkov & Friendly Orchestra.

About the exhibition: Momčilo is a guy from Gospođinci. He's got constitution of a chess player. He wears a pair of slacks with double seams. Made in Romania. He drives a rattletrap. He is followed by the Fellowship of Meek Characters.

About the author of the exhibition: Oli Poppins is a world-renowned illustrator and graphic designer. She works as an art director in the US company "Teaching Textbooks". She's drawn since childhood. She is a permanent associate of the Creative Center. She is the winner of the prestigious Bokill Festival Award. For a decade and a half she produced illustrations for famous German Tessloff. She lives and works in Novi Sad with her family and friends.

About the soundtrack author: Lazar Novkov is a graduated musician, composer and arranger. He performs on the accordion and the piano. He has performed in the crossover, world music, funk, music and post-jazz and experimental music ensambles. His orchestral musical career includes performances with: Frame Orchestra, Killo Killo Banda, Milena Jančurić Quintet, Drum & Zez, Milaćopezo, Akash Project, Šinobusi, Blue Somot, Frajle, JeuNS. He composed music for theatrical performances and for several regional multimedia projects. He collaborated with Darko Rundek and Boris Kovač. He lives and creates in Novi Sad.