Women Lead Program


Women Lead is a new program at American Corner Novi Sad whose first session will start on Tuesday, February 19 at 4pm.

This program is designed to strengthen English skills and expand knowledge of the value of women entrepreneurs among female university students and young professionals.  The program will motivate and inspire young women to have the confidence, skills and knowledge to pursue entrepreneurial challenges.

Dedicated to female audiences, this program will focus on the basics of entrepreneurship, with each program featuring women in leadership roles.

The program will be organized through interactive sessions covering relevant topics including: different approaches to women doing business, starting a business, recruiting employees, leadership skills, managing teams, communication and organizational skills, marketing etc.

Moderator for the program will be Mira Plavsic. The program is open to everybody!


Session Plan

Session 1.  Women Lead- Entrepreneurial Sisterhood

Improving the position of women in society
Feminism is not a “men hating” movement
Entrepreneurship viewed as a mechanism to create economic self-sufficiency and equality for women
 Looking at different approaches to women doing business
Introducing the program to participants
Showing a TED talk “we should all be feminists” by Chimamada Ngozi Adichie

Session 2. Women Lead - Starting a Business

Interest and vision, choosing a product
How to write a Business Plan
Discussion on how to turn ideas into reality
Who is your target audience

Session 3. Women Lead- Funding your business

Budgeting (employees, accommodation costs, insurance etc.)
Practicing your pitch
Finding a great sponsor (locally/internationally)
Influencing skills

Session 4. Women Lead- Recruiting employees for your business

Interview skills
Advertising positions
Outsourcing, shortlisting of applicants etc.

Session 5. Women Lead- Leadership Skills 1 - Communication

Negotiation skills
Providing positive and negative feedback
Emotional Intelligence
Iceberg method

Session 6. Women Lead- Leadership Skills 2 – Managing Teams

Managing diversity within teams (Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials )
Culture, Structure, Mindset
Reward and Recognition
Health and safety in the work place
Sexual harassment and discrimination in the work place

Session 7. Women Lead- Leadership Skills 3 – Organizational Skills

Time Management Skills, Tools, Technology
Empowering Staff
Delegating responsibility

Session 8. Women Lead- Marketing Your Business

Social media/ digital marketing
Outsourcing to professional marketing agencies
Face to face marketing
Grand opening, invitation lists
Networking opportunities

Session 9. Women Lead- Growing your business

Continued improvement strategies
Branching out to grow your business
Change management
Mentoring and networking
Sharing your knowledge

  • Sharing contact lists