Presentation: Green Card Lottery and Work and Travel


On Friday, September 21, at 6.00 pm the Consulate of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade will organize a public presentation of the "Diversity Visa 2020" program (Green Card Lottery) at the amphitheatre of the Higher School for Teachers (Petra Drapšina 8). On this occasion, everyone who is interested will be able to find out what are the novelties in this program, how to apply for it, which documents should be submitted, what are the procedures for applying. Also, you will be able to ask anything related to the topic.

In 1990, the USA had introduced a program called “Green Card Lottery“. The aim of it is to encourage the diversity of nations in the states, giving citizens of other countries an opportunity to obtain a permanent residence visa. Each year, 55000 immigrant visas (Diversity Visa – DV) are awarded through a lottery. If you get selected, you and your family have a right to move, live and work in the states. Applying this year gives you the opportunity to achieve your goal and the American dream in 2020.

Furthermore, after the "Green Card Lottery" presentation, at 5.00 PM you will have an opportunity to listen to a presentation of "Work&Travel" program which is aimed at students who plan to participate in this program, as well as their parents.

Attendance is free for both presentations, however, you need to register HERE.