Step by Step to Studying in the U.S.

The American Corner Novi Sad and InterAkcija organization are invited all who are interested to study in the U.S. to join us on Thursday, July 5th at 6.30 PM at the American Corner Novi Sad (Petra Drapšina 3). We will talk about SAT exam (which is necessary for enrollment to most of the U.S. universities), when and how to prepare, when to take it.
You can prepare for the SAT exam free of charge at the American Corner, and the preparation is moderated by two of our colleagues, experienced teachers of mathematics and English, Milica Savin i Dajana Vučaj from InterAkcija.
This SAT exam presentation can be useful to high school and university students, athletes but also to parents whose children are interested in studying in the U.S. The presentation is open to everybody. Welcome!
Registration is performed via the following link: