“Effects of Technology on the Music History “


The American Corner Novi Sad is inviting you to be a part of the lecture titled “Effects of Technology on the Music History“ which will be held on Thursday, May 17 at 6.30 PM. Our famous journalist Vitomir Simurdić will deliver the lecture.

More than a century ago, an icon of American brass music John Philip Sousa (The Stars and Stripes Forever) believed the phonograph (gramophone) will destroy the music because “ … no one will learn music anymore and go to concerts... They will sit at home and listen to the records.“ Many thought Sousa was right, but, others warned, Beethoven's symphony will become available to those who can not pay expensive tickets, and Louis Armstrong will be listened to in the most remote of places, not just in the elite cities of Chicago and New York. The gramophone was just the beginning. Radio, CD, MP3, download and streaming followed ...

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