Jazzography Vol. 2

Photo: Vladimir Veličković

On the occasion of Jazz Appreciation Month, which has been celebrated in the American Corner Novi Sad for 11 years, on Thursday, April 19 at 6.30 PM at the Corner, lovers of good jazz photography will again, like last year, have a chance to enjoy in works of talented young photographer Vladimir Veličković.

After graduating from Mileva Marić Einstein technical school - photography department, Vladimir enrolled in the Faculty of Sport, but continued to pursue photography. The fact that he won the second prize at the photo contest organized by the Cinema and Video Association of Vojvodina, even though he participated for the first time, tells a lot about his talent.

"Jazzography Vol. 2" photo exhibition will present some of his earlier work, but also the freshest photographs he made at the Novi Sad Jazz Festival last year.