The newest initiative by the American Corner Novi Sad, free book delivery service for people with disabilities, will be presented in the Corner on Tuesday, December 5 at 6:30 PM.

There are few people with disabilities among our members, mostly because reaching the library is difficult for them, and the library itself is not properly equipped to cater to their needs. This is why we prepared a special bicycle - the “Knjigocikl” (the “Bookcycle”) - which will be used by our volunteers for free book deliveries.

The “Knjigocikl” promotion takes place in the week dedicated to people with disabilities, and the accompanying program will include a presentation of the “Uhvati film” (“Seize the film”) film caravan, a review of award winning films from the international film festival of the same name which has taken place in Novi Sad since 2003, whose goal is to influence decreasing of social distance towards people with disabilities.

The festival’s organizer, Milesa Milinković, will talk about the importance of the festival and the current situation faced by people with disabilities in Novi Sad.

Registration for this event is necessary, and it is performed via the following link: