Book Promotion- Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: “The Letters“


As one of the last great dual correspondences of the twentieth century, this book reveals not only two of the most famous representatives of the Beat Generation in the process of its formation, but the unfolding of a remarkable friendship, ample with powerful feelings and a spiritual depth as well.

Kerouac and Ginsberg emerge first and foremost as writers of unique artistic voice and innovation. From their first meeting in 1944, to Kerouac’s undue death in 1969, the letters chronicle the endless struggle, anguish, hard work and sacrifice involved in forming their literary visions.

The book will be commented by the publishing editor Zoran Paunović, writer Slobodan Tišma and journalist Vitomir Simurdić. The promotion will be held on May 25 at the American Corner Novi Sad, starting at 6.30pm.

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