Film Stories II


The American Corner Novi Sad has started the program titled "Film Stories" which features screenings and discussions of iconic, classic American movies. The program is lead by a student of dramaturgy from the Novi Sad Academy of Arts - Divna Stojanov.

The second screening will be held on April 20 at 5.30 PM, and the movie shown will be Citizen Kane. After the screening there will be a discussion where the viewers will talk about the times in which Citizen Kane was made, the plot, the characters, the aesthetics of film photography and Orson Welles' innovations that changed the perception of the film.

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Welles' directing innovations applied in this film paved a way for a new, modern film language. The film won an Oscar for the screenplay, which is still considered to be the best written screenplay in the history of cinema, even though there is a flaw in the story that the director was aware of, but could afford to ignore it due to the ingeniousness of the plot.

See you at the screening!