Marking World Doula Week


Around the world, the week from March 22 to 28 is celebrated as World Doula Week. Doulas are women trained to provide support to other women during pregnancy and childbirth.

On this occasion, the American Corner, in cooperation with doulas from Novi Sad, will organize a free lecture to be held on March 24 at 6 PM where those who are interested will have a chance to get to know doulas and learn about what they do, what their role is during childbirth, and why it is important to have them near.

Applications are required via the link:


Numerous clinical studies confirm that the presence of a doula at childbirth shortens the duration of labor while reducing complications, reduces the likelihood of postpartum depression, reduces the need for induction, forceps, episiotomy, reduces the mother's need for epidural analgesia and facilitates and assists in establishing breastfeeding.