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For Americans, our National Parks provide an essential connection for Americans of all ages and abilities to the life‐enhancing benefits of nature and the outdoors – meaning, environment. Parks and public lands serve an essential role in preserving natural resources and wildlife habitats, protecting clean water and clean air, and providing open space for current and future generations.

On August 25, 1916, the President of the United States, signed the act creating the National Park Service, a new federal bureau in the Department of the Interior responsible for protecting the 35 national parks and monuments then managed by the department and those yet to be established. The mission of public parks and recreation at all levels should support the conservation and stewardship of the land, water, and natural resources.

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Why protect national parks? | Sean Smith
There are factors that threaten the existence of the National Parks, and the National Parks Service, and Sean shares his ideas on the value of the park system and ways to make it last. Why won’t the park system last? Over 270 million people go to the national parks every year and this huge number of people threatens the ecosystems of the parks. Take a tour of Sequoia National Park and see huge ancient trees that are thousands of years old.

Tuesday, April 6th at 6 pm with Marija Golubovic

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How climate change is already impacting our National Parks | Jon Jarvis
Climate change is real and is having an impact on one of the most treasured resources in the United States: our National Parks. Park Service Director Jon Jarvis talks about how the environment is changing, and what we can do about it.
Watch this short video of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and then learn How Trees Talk to one another!
Thursday, April 8th at 5 pm with Jelena Stanojcic

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These 10 National Parks Wouldn’t Exist Without Women Although we have a National Park Service, many parks are initially identified and created through the efforts of individual citizens. Citizens lobby either as individuals or from within organizations. Read about 10 parks that are the direct result of the efforts of women. Then view a virtual tour of Mesa Verde National Park – this is an actual tour that has been filmed by a citizen, so you will “be there”.

Thursday, April 8th at 6 pm with Jelena Stanojcic
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