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February is Black History Month, and this week we are exploring the role of Black professional football players in our National Football League, and their impact on justice issues for the black community. Football* in America is a big form of entertainment, and most of the players in the NFL (70%) are from the Black community, and they are now speaking out on whether or not blacks are treated equally, within the law, in the United States. When they encounter a member of our police force, Blacks have the same rights as whites or other groups? Why do Blacks have different experiences, with the police force, and why do they appear to receive much harsher punishment and treatment than others?

*Although American football originated in Europe, it is now called gridiron football, and you can learn more about this sport here.

TED Talks (and so do you!)

NFL Players Speak Out Against Injustice (Black Lives Matter Tribute) Hear the voices of NFL football players who speak out about police brutality towards the Black community. These statements are followed by a statement from NFL Official Roger Goodell (the “white guy”) who apologizes and acknowledges policy brutality – he apologizes, because for a long time, leaders in the NFL failed to recognize this issue, they failed to speak about this issue and they punished black players who did speak out. There is a third part of this video, where a former NFL player is featured, a quarterback called Colin Kaepernick, who began a movement by “taking a knee” when America’s national anthem was played at the beginning of each football game. Although Colin Kaepernick was criticized heavily he started a movement among black athletes, and eventually, white athletes joined. Mr. Kaepernick lost his job as a quarterback (the person who leads each play, who manages the ball by throwing it or handing it to another player) and although he is now recognized for the courage he had to start this movement, he has not gotten his job back – he has not been fully restored as of summer 2020.

Thursday, February 18th at 5 pm with Jelena Stanojcic

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Why Americans Go Crazy over the Super Bowl
This gives you the major components of the Super Bowl, why it's such a big event. Super Bowl 2021 will be Different explores this year's event during a pandemic.

Thursday, February 18th at 6 pm with Jelena Stanojcic

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