This week's conversation clubs: January 12, 13 & 14


Diversity has become a part of the American story. The vast majority of the population originates from other countries and areas of the globe. The existence of a diverse population is something Americans talk about, are more aware of it than most nations, and constantly struggle over issues of fairness, justice and equal access to all people.


American Road Show

American Road Show will commemorate and explore the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., through the film How Martin Luther King, Jr., Changed the World. This hour long film will explore how Martin Luther King, Jr., became who he is, what he struggled against and how he succeeded in pushing civil rights to the forefront of American life through mobilizing the African American community.

Tuesday, January 12 at 6 pm with Marija Golubovic

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TED Talks (and so do you!)

American work culture remains non-diverse because there is a bias against women, and this is systemic. Ted Talks (and so do you!) explores the issue of diversity as it relates to women.
Sara Sanford: How to design gender bias out of your workplace

Wednesday, January 13 at 6 pm with Jelena Stanojcic

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Share America Conversation Club

Share America Conversation Club will explore the text (and brief film) called Stories from Americans: Driving lessons. This article explores the life of an immigrant who became a taxi driver to support his family, after he came to America. It features his son, and his son's perceptions about his father.

Thursday, January 14 at 6 pm with Jelena Stanojcic

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