Virtual program: TedTalks (and so do you!)


Waiting for the moment when we will meet you again, the American Corner Belgrade wants to stay in touch with you virtually, the only way possible in the conditions like this. We will be together online, in the virtual environment of the Google Hangouts platform on Monday, March 30 at 5.30 pm.

This program focuses on developing critical thinking skills on the issues of the day and promotes the role of Change Makers in America, and what they do.

This next week's Ted Talks features a female, American Change Maker, who is a health expert and will explain things about the Coronavirus: Why COVID-19 is hitting us now - and how to prepare for the next outbreak | Alanna Shaikh |

Please, watch the enclosed Ted Talks video prior to the program, then discuss it at the program. All interested university students, young professionals, and all English language learners who wish to participate in this virtual program please send an email to with Ted Talks in the subject line.

The discussion is in English. Moderator is Tanja Dedijer, an English Language Teacher.

Note: Test that your microphone, webcam, and speakers are working properly before the program.