American Road Show / Repertoire for March 2020


American Road Show, also known as "movie at 5", will show one American film each Tuesday and invite participants to a discussion on the topics presented in it. The discussion is in English and the program is open to all interested parties.

March 3rd at 5 PM - One Woman, One Vote (1995)
March 10th at 5 PM - CANCELED
March 17th at 5 PM - CANCELED
March 24th at 5 PM - Thelma & Louise (1991)
March 31st at 5 PM - Norma Rae (1979)


The program moderator is Ms. Marija Golubović, an English language teacher. Marija is an EFL teacher who has taught different age groups and different levels of knowledge. She has a positive and creative approach to teaching and excellent interpersonal skills. Apart from working in a public vocational high school, she has also been an Access Program teacher and a teacher and moderator in American Corner Belgrade for the last 4 years.