Women Lead

American Corner Belgrade, Makedonska 22/I
Thursday 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

The goal of this program is to strengthen English skills and expand knowledge of the value of women entrepreneurs among female university students and young professionals. The program is divided into 9 sessions which will cover personal and business skill development. The program will include identifying personal tendency toward entrepreneurship, motivation and action-driven tools, business modeling, building value, and problem-solution fit.

*October 31st: SESSION 5 - Business modeling
Participants will learn about 9 main blocks in building businesses, we will work with business canvas on their ideas and go through the process together. We will work on buyer persona, product and service development, resources and activities we need to have to start and develop our ideas.

*November 7th: SESSION 6 – Finance - easy way to understand, plan and follow finance
How to make a profitable business? What are my beliefs about money and finance? How much is money important in business strategy? Why is it important to have a finance plan?

*November 14th: SESSION 7 – Is balance possible and achievable?
Being a woman today brings some challenges. We have carriers, families, friends, hobbies, so many things we want to follow through. In this session, we will work on time management, priorities, how we want our life to look like and how to make it possible. We all define what balance means for us, with additional tools and discussion we open some new points of view on this subject.

*November 21st: SESSION 8 - Set your goals high
Setting goals is one of the crucial skills in life, how to make it work for us? What is important when setting short and long-term goals? How to do it the right way? Is there a right time for everything or do we make it?

*November 28th: SESSION 9 – Make your own definition of success

What’s my current situation? Where I want to be in 5 years? How to find the right people to work with? How to find the right path for me and my ideas? We are closing this program with a talk around what we learned and what are the future steps. Looking at our life from a personal and professional side we define our path and steps that we are ready to take. Being the leader of our own life is the most important role we have. Finding our path and place of contribution to the world.


Moderator is Ms. Sonja Dakić, an experienced Entrepreneur with a strong passion for social business. NLP Trainer and mom of two who openly shares her knowledge and experience with the idea of creating a better world. In 2011 she started a social enterprise Daj Daj Ltd. with a friend. They produced bamboo washable diapers for babies, till today Daj Daj diapers are the only textile product in Serbia which holds Eco label.

From 2015 she is a mentor in many programs for young people and woman (Superste, Social Impact Award, Connecting Pančevo, Cherie Blair Foundation, Aiesec, Junior Achivement, Green Ideas, CDOP, Share knowledge...)

From 2017 she cooperates with many individuals and organizations in the field of socially responsible business (UNDP, OSCE, GIZ, Smart kolektiv, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, US Embassy, Erste bank, Divac Foundation,…). She holds training and workshops, building people and ideas with practical tools for business modeling, pitch presentation and personal skill improvement. In 2018 she started her own 6 months mentorship program Live*Work*Love for woman entrepreneurs with support from ICT HUB Belgrade.

In 2015 she received Special award for innovation “Flower of Success for the Dragon Lady” from Association of Business Woman in Serbia. She was a TEDx speaker in 2014 in Vienna and on many other conferences and events in the region (Aiesec Global School for Entrepreneurs, SeVen school of entrepreneurship, Social Impact Award Serbia campaign, Fear & Failure, Youth business forum, Social Innovation Forum, Ladies of New Business, Promos – Entrepreneurship in high school, Social Inovation Conference Skoplje, 4th European Young Leaders Forum - BMW Foundation, Erste campaign - CEEing is believing, Google for Entrepreneurship Startup Grind, Technest – Čačak Incitement Belgrade, Iserbia - Network of young entrepreneurs, Estiem – Academy of Modern Management, WWVršac conference “Live locally, work globally”, Society for Academic Development, Belgrade Ignite CEE Impact Day Vienna, Belgrade Ignite).