CANCELED: Operation of interested groups in the U.S.

Venue: Tribinska Hall, Makedonska 22/I
Date and time: Thursday, June 20th from 5 PM until 6:25 PM

The operation of the interested groups in the United States is the sixth and the last lecture on the essential characteristics of the U.S. presidential system.

The upcoming lecture analyzes the genesis, characteristics, and functions of pressure groups in the U.S. presidential system. Pressure groups or interest groups work in a specific way, representing individual interests exerting pressure on the authorities in order to make certain decisions, or taking certain views.

The program curriculum is primarily tailored for university students and young professionals, but all interested parties are welcome to attend.

Lecturer Ph.D. Goran Budzak (1961) is a long-time researcher in the field of political science, who is engaged in the comparative research of the presidential and semi-presidential systems in the US, France, Serbia and other countries of Europe and the world. He is the author of numerous scientific articles published in eminent scientific monographs, the collection of scientific works and recognized scientific and expert journals.