The U.S. Congress authorities


Venue: Tribinska Hall, Makedonska 22/I
Date and time: Thursday, March 21st from 5 PM till 6:25 PM

The U.S. Congress authority is the third in a series of six tribal lectures on the essential characteristics of the US presidential system.

The lecture analyzes the structure, constitutional powers and functioning of the U.S Congress as the highest legislative body in the U.S presidential system.

The program curriculum is primarily tailored for university students and young professionals, but all interested parties are welcome to attend.

Lecturer PhD Goran Budzak (1961) is a long-time researcher in the field of political science, who is engaged in the comparative research of the presidential and semi-presidential systems in the US, France, Serbia and other countries of Europe and the world. He is the author of numerous scientific articles published in eminent scientific monographs, the collection of scientific works and recognized scientific and expert journals.