AC Videos

Charles Bukowski Evening

The American Corner was open on a Sunday to mark the anniversary of the death of the great American underground poet and writer, Charles Henry Bukowski.

The program in the Corner was available via live streaming and it included an interview with the writer Bojan Samson followed by excerpts from the film "Born Into This". Moreover, in collaboration with the gallery cafe "Izba" which is near the Corner, we continued the program in Bukowski style. 

American Rock and Roll Dream - 50's

The American Corner took part in the Night of Museums in Novi Sad. In 2012, we decided to introduce the people of Novi Sad to American rock and roll music from the 50's. The number of visits was very high and the reviews even better. Take a look yourselves. :)

American Corner Novi Sad - Mural

Since our facade was filled with bad graffiti, we decided to prevent this from repeating and made a large mural all over the front part of the Corner. Here, you can see the process itself. We hope you enjoy! 

Speak English Like an American

Our member and volunteer Nada Likić, a teacher of English language and literature gave a course under the title: "Speak English Like An American". This course was about mastering the contemporary conversational English.