American Corner Novi Pazar has 2000 books. In our Corner you can find the most important works of American authors, novels, bestsellers, poetry and essays. We have reference books on U.S. Law, presidency, politics, economics, art, music, history, etc. We also have a lot of dictionaries, books on English grammar and manuals for TOEFL, LSAT, GRE. We have a large collection of children's books.

Magazines and daily newspapers

At the American Corner you can find a large number of magazines such as Time, National Geographic, Scientific American, Wired, Sports Illustrated and others.
 We also regularly receive daily newspapers.


Only in American Corner Novi Pazar you’ll have a chance to see the remarkable tales of famous Americans, fascinating stories of American great wilderness, unique and extraordinary exploration of past events of American history, as well as contemporary issues of modern American society. Come and see the great American classic movies, Academy award winner.  American Corner has a collection of films for children


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