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Take a look at picture albums showing various activities of our Corner. 

STEAM Club 13.02.2018

"Chicago"- presentation by Heather Pishko 13.02.2018

TEDed club 2017/2018 13.02.2018

St' Patrick's Day 27.03.2017

Black History Month Presentation by Jasmine Passa 21.02.2017

St' Valentine workshop 21.02.2017

Flex presentation 2016 06.10.2016

DV Lottery Presentation 06.10.2016

IAC presentation 06.10.2016

Easter workshops 28.04.2016

Primary School "Desanka Maksimovic" Grdelica- visit to AC Nis 21.03.2016

Breaking The Walls:Language skills as a Conduit of the Modern "Enterpreneurship Idiom" 21.03.2016

Ambassador Kyle Scott at AC Nis 15.03.2016

Project writing training 03.02.2016

Jewelry Workshop 12.01.2016

Training: How to use SMART board... 12.01.2016

Irish dance 28.10.2015

Ambassador Kirby visiting AC 28.10.2015

Creative workshop for kindergarten teachers 29.04.2015

Spelling Bee 2015 29.04.2015

Presentation by Bane Vasić, Ph.D., Fulbright Scholar, University of Arizona 07.04.2015

Arm/Hand Knitting 26.02.2015

St. Valentine's Day 26.02.2015

Illustration Workshop by Emma Fick 18.12.2014

Seniors Going Digital 04.12.2014

"Study in the US" workshops by Kelsey Montzka 03.12.2014

Thanksgiving Day 03.12.2014

Halloween 2014 03.12.2014

TED TALKS - TED is getting younger 03.12.2014

Nisville 2014 22.08.2014

Creative writing workshops with Merilee Cunningham 19.08.2014

Kids React To English-summer workshop for our youngest members 10.07.2014

Children's Theatre 10.07.2014

Marsha Ivins `The History of Human Spaceflight` 23.06.2014

The Possibilities for Studying in the States - prof. Mark Turner 06.05.2014

"Spelling Bee" final competition 06.05.2014

Hand-Made Jewelry Workshop 14.03.2014

Have Some Coffee in English 25.04.2014

First Aid Workshop 09.04.2014

Senior's Guide to Computers 23.04.2014


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