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  • U.S. Funds available for Serbia

  • This are the funds that are avelable for Serbian NGOs, Institutions and organizations.

  • 1. American Embassy Belgrade

  • Democracy Commission Small Grants Program The purpose of the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program is to award grants for specific projects that support democracy and the development of democratic institutions in the Republic of Serbia. Grants will be primarily awarded to non-governmental (NGOs) and other non-profit organizations in the regions outside of Belgrade. The maximum amount of a grant is $24,000, but smaller grants are preferred in order to support more projects. To be eligible for consideration, every applicant must be registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and engaged in, or propose to carry out, a project whose purpose is to further the development of democratic institutions in Serbia, especially in local municipalities.

  • U.S. Embassy in Belgrade is currently accepting Democracy Commission projects in the area of Euro-Atlantic Integration and Environment protection. However, we anticipate receiving and evaluating other proposals as well in order to make a more proactive use of the Democracy Commission. More information available by fallowing this link

  • 2. The Balkan Trust for Democracy

  • The Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) is a 10-year, $30-million grant making initiative that supports democracy, good governance, and Euroatlantic integration in Southeastern Europe. This award-winning public-private partnership was created in 2003 by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. BTD is structured to allow both European and U.S. partners to join the effort to strengthen transatlantic cooperation in the Balkans.
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 3. Development Alternatives, Inc.

  • USAID’s Preparedness, Planning and Economic Security program is a multi-year, 19 million dollar program supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The program helps municipalities be more resilient to crises and disasters, assists businesses in difficult environments grow and expand into new markets and works with Serbia’s youth to empower them for the future

  • 4. Rockefeller Brothers Fund

  • Grants represent the core of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund's operations. The Fund awards grants throughout the year to support a variety of charitable projects in the U.S. and abroad seeking to expand knowledge, clarify values and critical choices, nurture creative expression, and shape public policy.
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 5. C.S. Mott Foundation

  • The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation affirms its founder's vision of a world in which each of us is in partnership with the rest of the human race-where each individual's quality of life is connected to the well-being of the community, both locally and globally. We pursue this vision through creative grant making, thoughtful communication and other activities that enhance community in its many forms. The same vision of shared learning shapes our internal culture as we strive to maintain an ethic of respect, integrity and responsibility. The Foundation seeks to strengthen, in people and their organizations, what Mr. Mott called "the capacity for accomplishment.”
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 6. Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights

  • Urgent Action Fund, as part of women’s rights movements worldwide, supports women's rights defenders striving to create cultures of justice, equality and peace. We provide rapid response grants that enable strategic interventions, and participate in collaborative advocacy and research. We are led by activists, inspired by feminism, and strengthened through solidarity. 
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 7. The Global Fund for Women

  • The Global Fund for Women supports women's groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. We strengthen women's right groups based outside the United States by providing small, flexible, and timely grants ranging from $500 to $20,000 for operating and program expenses. We value local expertise and believe that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change. 
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 8. United States Institute of Peace

  • The Grant Program increases the breadth and depth of the Institute's work by supporting peace building projects managed by non-profit organizations including educational institutions, research institutions, and civil society organizations. 
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 9. National Endowment for Democracy – NED

  • The NED supports projects that promote political and economic freedom, a strong civil society, independent media, human rights, and the rule of law. The Endowment's flexible and efficient grants program is able to assist democratic activists in diverse situations, such as transitional countries where the goal is democratic consolidation, authoritarian countries where the goals are liberalization, and the protection of human rights. 
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 10. Urban Institute

  • MEGA has set up a Grants Fund of $2.4 million, out of which approximately $1.9 million will be disbursed as grants-in-kind to the MEGA Program participating municipalities. The abovementioned amount will be apportioned among MEGA Program participating municipalities in accordance with the Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) signed with each municipality. The Urban Institute reserves the right not to disburse the whole grant fund amount or the amount allocated to the specific municipality. 
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 11. USAID in Serbia

  • The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent federal government agency, headed by an Administrator appointed by the President. USAID is responsible for providing economic and humanitarian assistance throughout the world and receives overall foreign policy guidance from the Secretary of State. 

    The agency providing different support and grant programs such as:

  • Small Enterprise Assistance Funds

  • Small Enterprise Assistance Funds ("SEAF") is a global investment firm focused on providing growth capital and operational support to businesses in emerging markets and those underserved by traditional sources of capital.
    SEAF selectively makes structured debt and equity investments in locally owned enterprises with high growth potential. Provides equity and quasi-equity (long-term debt) financing to small and medium enterprises in Serbia and in the region in accordance with the Fund’s investment policy.

  • Civil Society Advocacy Initiative

  • The Civil Society Advocacy Initiative (CSAI) seeks to support Serbian civil society in its ability to influence public policy, serve as government watchdogs, and conduct sustained advocacy campaigns on a wide variety of reform issues.
    CSAI nurtures a healthy and vibrant civil society by focusing on the sector’s capacity to successfully advocate at local and national levels, and to secure a legal and regulatory environment that fosters the long-term financial and operational sustainability of NGOs. 
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • Media Assistance Program

  • The $8 million, four year Serbia Media Assistance Program started in October 2008. It builds upon USAID’s previous media work, by providing support to the transition of Serbia’s media into a legally sound, economically viable sector that provides professional and independent news and information to citizens throughout Serbia. 
    The program focuses particularly on building sustainability and professional skills of select local and regional broadcast media, and advocacy and monitoring skills of media support institutions, and encourages quality media coverage of reform and other issues of concern and interest. 
    More information available by fallowing this link

    USAID has more programs available for Serbia aiming at fueling Economic Growth and strengthening Democracy and Governance.
    More information available by fallowing this link

  • 12. Fund for an Open Society

  • Fund for an Open Society is a non-government, non-political and non-profit organization that develops and supports systemic developmental policies, programs and activities aimed at the advancement of democratic cultures and all they entail. This includes openness, affirmation of differences, and full respect of human rights. It also promotes the principles of the rule of law, good governance, accountability and the participation of citizens in public affairs. Ultimately it works on the establishment of the self-sustainable democratic and pro-European development of society, fortifying stability and cooperation in the region of Southeast Europe, and the inclusion of Serbia in European integration. 
    More information available by fallowing this link or this link


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