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Membership is a free and available to all citizens who are interested at the American Corner. The only obligation is to fill in an application form with basic details and interest, signing the agreement with the Terms of Usage of the corner, as well as one photo is needed for an ID card. Children can join in the presence of their parent-guardian who gives their signature. Members have the right to actively participate in the design of programs of the corner in accordance with their interests. Membership cards are given to the staff during their stay in the corner to have it sight and keeping. It is forbidden to give a membership card to anyone else.

All you need to do is bring your ID (passport if you are a foreigner or proof of health insurance if you are under the age of 18), fill in a membership form, after which we will take a photograph of you.
Membership is FREE !
You will get a card and a membership number. With this card you can borrow books from our collection and participate in our programs such as Conversation Hour, Book Club, Kids Club, etc.

How to become a volunteer in ACSu?
American Corner activities are based on volunteerism. Volunteers create programs and activities together with AC staff. Very often our volunteers are US citizens, but anyone with good ideas and willingness can participate as well. You can organize a conversation group, give a lecture, give a presentation or just help out with technical and administrative work.
This can help you receive valuable experience, meet great people and invest in yourself.
You can be a volunteer from 3 month to 3 years or, depending of the success of your program, even longer.
Volunteers are VIP members of AC who have a special status and are recognized during the year for their efforts. Each volunteer can get a recommendation letter and be supported in job seeking. If you’re as excited about American Corner Subotica as we are, and want to help out, consider becoming a volunteer. Our volunteers are passionate, enthusiastic people who are committed to gathering and socializing.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, send us some information about yourself.

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