Membership & Volunteers

Membership is completely free and unlimited. All you need is one ID-sizeed photo and an ID or other document which you will show to the librarian during the enrollment process. Once you become a member, you can use Internet access, take out books (two at most), read magazines and participate in any activity organized by the Corner.

Volunteers & Members said about American Corner

Katarina Ivković, Belgrade, Serbia
Volunteering in the American Corner is a good way of meeting new people. Also, engaging in conversation with peers of my own age about various topics is an interesting way to broaden your perspective and areas of interest. For me personally, volunteering makes me feel good because I am helping out others in learning a language. While volunteering I get to expand my vocabulary and have fun at the same time. I would very much recommend donating your time to the American Corner. I plan on continuing my volunteer work and focus on making more clubs so that people of various ages get to learn about America and the English language.

Nina Žderić, Belgrade
"When I discovered the American Corner, I found a new home. I like to spend every moment of my free time there, either by participating in various workshops for children, both working and reading various books. What I like most is that all members are provided with an opportunity to read books in English and it's completely free and they can also enjoy good old-fashioned board games."

Bogdan Habić, Belgrade
"I have been a volunteer in the corner for a little over two years. During this period I progressed, thanks to the experiences gained in various fields. Due to conversation lessons, my vocabulary was expanded considerably, I feel much more confident when I talk, and not only in English but also in Serbian. Also, the Corner first introduced me to the whole concept of volunteering and thanks to contacts I acquired, I was able to find out about various events where I ended up volunteering. I would suggest to everyone to visit the AC, because everyone will surely find someone they will like, and something that would interest them."

Irena Muhar, Beograd
“I have been volunteering at the corner for four years now, and in that time I've really gained an invaluable life experience. I've met many people with whom I share interests and with whom I developed close friendships. Conversational English lessons have especially helped me to be confident in my speaking skills, expanding my vocabulary and improving spelling, while volunteering on other workshops helped me gain presentation skills that I use to this day."