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One of the most important members of ACSU are kids!

Every Saturday at 10 a.m. the American Corner Subotica organizes Kid’s Club, during which children learn English in an interactive and funny way in a stimulating environment. The class is run by our student intern, and the topics vary according to the time of the year, age and interests of the children. The children learn new vocabulary, play games and socialize in a stimulating manner. After the official learning part which lasts until 11 a.m., children have the opportunity to play Nintendo WII, games on the interactive smart board or on the computers. Very often, these classes take on the form of a creative workshop, during whihc children learn how to make new crafts related to all areas of life.
Apart from the Kid’s Club, there are many other activities that from time to time take place at the American Corner Subotica, such as creative workshops, bed night story reading, Halloween parties, etc.


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