Kids Page

Story of a PoemAt the American Corner Belgrade, children can enjoy interactive workshops, storytelling and other organized activities. The library includes a variety of children’s books, educational toys, cartoons, and social games.

Over 1000 books and picture boos for children are available for check-out.

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Story Time for Kids
In this program children have an opportunity to improve their vocabulary through storytelling and develop creativity through crafting. Each month has its own theme, so the books and crafts are dedicated to Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and others.

Game Time
A program with games and fun for children up to the 8th grade. Besides having fun, there is educational moment, where kids have a chance to practice their English, teamwork and make friends with other children. Even if they’ve never played Guess Who?, Bingo, Scrabble, Jenga, they will easily fit in and become part of a team.

Take a look at the educational games for your kids: