Women Lead

The aim of this program is to strengthen English skills and expand knowledge of the value of women entrepreneurs among female university students and young professionals. The program is divided into 9 sessions which will cover personal and business skill development. The program will include identifying personal tendency toward entrepreneurship, motivation and action driven tools, business modeling, building value and problem-solution fit. For each session participants will have a worksheet to reflect on their insights and ideas. 

Share America Conversation Club

Share America Conversation Club, a new program in the American Corner Belgrade, will use ShareAmerica articles to hone English skills and engage in conversation on a broad range of current topics. The aim of the program is to increase mutual understanding about diversity, civil and human rights, women's rights, environment, music, freedom of the press, democracy, education and entrepreneurship.

American Road Show

The goal of this program is to strengthen English skills and expand knowledge of America among university students and young professionals.  The objectives are to host weekly film screenings of American film, with English subtitles, and then to lead an English language discussion of the perspectives depicted within the film.

This year-long, weekly, film series will explore the American experience with diversity, civil/human rights, women’s rights, environment, corruption, music, freedom of the press, democracy, education and entrepreneurship.  All programs are open to AC members. 

Čas konverzacije za mlade

One of the most popular programs at AC created for 13-20 year-olds, with young adults as workshop moderators. The purpose of this program is to support young people in improving their language skills and exchanging opinions and ideas, as well as to find out more about study, work and travel opportunities in the United States. 

Entrepreneurship 101

The goal of this program is to strengthen English language skills related to business and economy, and expand knowledge of the basics of entrepreneurship. The objectives are to host regular programs that focus on the American experience of entrepreneurship.

This program will focus on the basics of entrepreneurship for university students, using prepared curriculum, supported by VOA, TED Talks and Share America articles that promote entrepreneurial ideas.  Each program should last 90 minutes and empower university audiences with entrepreneurship concepts and techniques.  

English Access program mikro stipendija

English Access, program mikro stipendija, pruža osnove engleskog jezika, učenicima od 13-15 godina kojima ekonomska situacija ne dozvoljava da uče engleski jezik van škole. Program se odvija posle školskih časova u trajanju od dve godine. Učenik će steći uvid u američku kulturu, demokratske vrednosti kroz nastavu engleskog jezika kao i kroz dodatne aktivnosti. Veću osetljivost na kulturne razlike uparene sa dobijenim veštinama engleskog jezika pomoći će polaznicima da iskoriste prilike koje su im prethodno bile nedostupne.

Više o programu u Srbiji: ELTA sajt

Dodela sertifikata o upisu

Predavanja, seminari, prezentacije...

Naučite više o Americi kroz česta predavanja, diskusije, seminare i prezentacije o umetnosti, kulturi, politici, demokratiji, pop kulturi, svakodnevnom životu, sportu, školovanju i drugim zanimljivim temama, koja se najavljuju na sajtu i putem drugih medija.

La Leche League workshops

The American Corner in cooperation with the La Leche League is organizing a cycle of workshops as a support for the activities of this worldwide organization. The workshops are held every first Monday of the month.

La Leche League is an international nonprofit organization that promotes breastfeeding and it was founded in the USA. These workshops will give you an opportunity to learn more about breastfeeding from other mothers who also breastfeed their children and whose experience can contribute to a better understanding of motherhood through breastfeeding. During the workshops, mothers will talk to everyone about the problems, advantages and joy that they experience when breastfeeding their children.