In addition to the usage of the library our members have the opportunity to attend numerous programs, lectures, and workshops, use the Internet and get involved in creation of programs in cooperation with the AC staff.

ShareAmerica Conversation Club

Novi program Američkog kutka, ShareAmerica Conversation Club, svake nedelje će koristiti i obrađivati članke sa ShareAmerica sajta. Cilj ovog programa je da se među studentima i mladim stručnjacima u svojim oblastima ojača znanje engleskog jezika i približi američka kultura i običaji. Neke od tema koje će se obrađivati su povećavanje međusobnog razumevanja o različitosti, ljudska prava, prava žena, okruženje, muzika, sloboda štampe, obrazovanje, preduzetništvo i mnoge druge.

Program je otvoren za sve, a moderatorka programa je naša dugogodišnja saradnica Radmila Krajnović aka Arby Kay.

American Road Show

American Road Show, a new program of the American Corner, will show one American film each week and invite participants to a discussion on the topics presented in it. The discussion is in English. The program is open to all, and it is moderated by Sofija Simić.

SAT Club

The American Corner Novi Sad, together with the organisation InterAkcija is inviting all high school and university students interested in studies in the USA to join SAT club which is organised once a week (1.5h) in pre-exam period at the American Corner. We are also warmly encouraging and inviting students from other cities and countries to join us since it will be possible for them to join the class online and be fully engaged in the class real time.

SAT club members will have the opportunity to attend preparation lessons for SAT, which is free of charge, where they will go through past papers with with experienced Mathematics and English teachers. You can get all useful information about SAT test - why, how, when and where you can sit SAT exam as well as more details regarding the structure of the test, scoring system and useful statistics.

Beside SAT prep lessons, the main goal of SAT club is to make a network of young people who plan to study in the USA, are studying there now or they have returned from the USA, to exchange experience and connect with each other.

We are inviting everyone who is interested to send and email to so that we can add them on the mailing list and that way be informed about upcoming activities of SAT club.

Digitization of VHS and other cassettes in the Corner

As of recently, you are able to digitize VHS and other video cassettes in the American Corner Novi Sad, free of charge. We started offering this service because a lot of people are still keeping their memories on VHS or other cassette types because they cannot afford to digitize them or don't know that those cassettes have expiration dates and that recording on them deteriorates with time.

Digitization will be performed twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 AM to 7.30 PM, and it will be necessary to book an appointment.

In order to be eligible for this service, you need to be a member of the American Corner. Obtaining membership is easy - all you need is a photograph and a personal ID.



- Digitization will be performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 AM to 7.30 PM
- Online booking of appointments is mandatory
- An appointment cannot last more than 180 minutes.
- You should bring a USB or an external HDD with enough free space (converted files can go up to 5 GB in size)
- The American Corner provides a VHS cassette player, for all other cassette types you need to provide corresponding players. 
- We do not keep files after conversion
- You need to be a member of the American Corner

Book your appointment HERE


  • Lectures are very popular with visitors and members of the American Corner. They can be organized on specific occasions such as the lecture on the preservation of environment for Earth Day, or they can be initiated by the Embassy, NGOs, or public institutions. Once a month, in average, the American Embassy sends university professors or professionals from different fields of science or American culture. Some of the lectures are organized in accordance with the interests of our patrons. Most lectures are conducted in English.

  • Some of the lectures were: Classical gangster movies, American artist’s experiences in Serbia-American culture and poetry, Preventing violence against women, Modern Dance and Choreography, Mind Maps, Assertiveness and Communication, , The Supreme Court and American Federalism in the Context of the US Elections, Studying in US, Jazz@Movies, Freedom of Speech etc.


  • Workshops, as a form of interactive learning are a method that is becoming increasingly popular in our country. In America workshops have became a very common method used by experts and university professors. American Corner tries to organize workshops on different topics and so far we have organized workshops on topics such as company management, working with youth, volunteering, origami, etc.

Kids’ Corner

  • What can children use and be part of at the American Corner?
    * Children’s Books 
    * Christmas Party 
    * Valentine’s Day workshop 
    * Drama workshop
    * Halloween Costume Party

  • Kids' Corner officially started in October 2007, when it one volunteer who has worked with children in America for over 30 years initiated it. Since then, every Friday from 5 to 6 pm is reserved for children. Kids' Corner’s aim is to help children learn English and learn about the American culture and customs, trough a variety of creative activities. Depending on the month, activities can focus on the celebration of certain holidays. Language learning is done through creative activities such as making costumes (Halloween), making decorations for the Christmas tree (Christmas/ New Year) or and painting eggs for Easter. Children who wish to attend Kids’ Corner must be members of the Corner.

Youth Club

  • Youth Club started as an initiative of young people who wanted to come to conversation classes and talk about things they find interesting.

  • By joining the Youth Club, participants can improve their conversation skills, meet local Americans and other people in order to learn from one another.

Business English Workshop

  • This program started in 2007 and it was initiated by one of the members. Unlike the conversation club, this program has a formal structure and requires regular attendance.

  • BEW is a special program developed for students who want to improve their business English vocabulary. The aim of this program is to provide knowledge and skills to young people by professionalizing their level of English through various exercises, role play, discussions, case studies, and other interactive methods, ultimately giving them the tools necessary to find a job more easily.

  • The handbook which is used in this course is "The Market Leader“.